Pinewood Derby Race


On April 19th 2014 Seattle will be thrust into adventure and a tremendous need for speed as Seattle’s premier creative space The Piranha Shop hosts A Night At The Drags a pinewood derby race to benefit The Service Board.

Don’t miss the opportunity to show the city of Seattle that you’re the fastest team in The Emerald City. Walk away with more then just bragging rights as we will have loads of prizes including a grand prize for the fastest team, and additional prizes for the team with the best design, best paint, and crowd favorite. Let your imagination run wild and then unleash your inner speed demon on the track.

Each derby car is $100.00 tax-deductible dollars and you can have up to five people on your team; choose your pit crew carefully. So whether you’re an individual who wants to get together with some friends and flex your race cred, or a giant company that wants to pit different departments against one another, this is the race for you.

We hope to see you and your crew on April19th and remember if you’re not first, you’re last.


Click here to register.


5 Questions with Thom Jones

Whether its furniture, motorcycles, or even wild style graffiti, Thom Jones takes everything he does to 11. Thom makes some of the finest Mid Century Modern furniture you have ever laid eyes on, claiming fame under the moniker Semigoods. He has also taken the chopper world by storm and created some of the coolest bikes that have graced the wet pavement of the PNW. Thom will be participating in Tanks and Helmets this year, so we sat him down, talk about Hunter S. Thompson and threw out some inquiries as to what makes him tick. Enjoy!

“Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.” You are always smiling, what’s your secret to happiness?

Thom: Usually it’s lots of beer.

“THE EDGE, there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.” It seems every medium you work in you become proficient, do you ever sleep?

Thom: All day long.

“If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.”  What drives you to build objects?

Thom: An inability to find what I am looking for.

“Yesterday’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why.” What inspires you?

Thom: Usually it’s lots of beer.

“Good people drink good beer.” Whats your favorite beer?

Thom: Long hammer when I’m feeling special. Bud light the rest of the time.

Tanks and Helmets 2

Its back, and better than ever. Come see us next Saturday as we showcase custom painted Tanks and Helmets from 30 Artists. It’s raining outside, but this will help get over the hump til dry days are back.

Saturday March 1st

6-10 pm

1022 1st Ave S


See  you then.

Seattle Living Room Shows


Seattle Living Room Shows recently hosted an awesome night of music and libations at The Piranha Shop. One of our favorite performers Jenn Grinels brought the house down, in front of a packed crowd and had some amazing openers to support her last show in Seattle before moving on to bigger and brighter adventures.

Jon Auer of The Posies played a solo set and had the crowd hanging on his every word with some amazing stories of touring throughout the world and Jesse Morrow and his band played a lively set of bluesy rock and roll.

SLRS always brings in talented musicians and the Shop is always turned into a boot stomping good time whenever they come through.

Make sure you get on their mailing list and join us this coming Saturday the 22nd for the next SLRS show.

Photos by: Tony Mihovilovich

Piranha Shop Photographer TONY MIHOVILOVICH

The Piranha Shop is proud to announce the addition of our new staff photographer and videographer Tony Mihovilovich.

Recent Seattle transplant, Tony Mihovilovich, is a freelance photographer, graphic designer, and all around creative mastermind. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Tony has talent for telling the story of his surroundings and culture through his visuals. His passion for documenting events and capturing emotions through a lens is more than just the final arrangement of pixels on screen, it’s the entire experience. The Piranha Shop is proud to introduce Tony as their collaborative photographer. He will be working to help document future events and promoting The Piranha Shop’s saga in being Seattle’s premier creative space and cultural hub.


Spacecraft x Wayward x Duffy


Piranha Shop founder and co-owner Patrick Duffy De Armas recently embarked on a three week motorcycle trip to Southern California as part of Spacecraft Collectives Astronaut program. The series will chronicle Duffy’s adventure exploring what drives him to find creative inspiration in exploration. Part one of the series follows Patrick through Portland and on into the Cascades, stay tuned for the rest of the series as Duffy continues down the West Coast.


For full updates check out Spacecraft Collectives new website:

Country Lips and The Lonesome Billies

On October 19th The Piranha Shop will host a night of debaucherous fun, and hot stepping country music that will burn holes in your boots. Come listen to our good friends Country Lips, and The Lonesome Billies belt out tunes that will blow your hair back.

Price: $10.00


Five Skateboard Companies You Should Know About

  1. Welcome Skateboards:

Welcome is all about weird shapes and hand drawn graphics, and as goofy artists skate kids, we love them. Their team is weird and all over the place, but a couple of the dudes are Seattle locals, and well if you have ever seen Nolan Johnson skate you know their boys can rip. Mango is a piece of work and one of my personal favorites, as he seems to not be impressed by the cliché “I’m a bad ass,” because I skate vibe. Good times indeed.


  Sausage Skateboards:

After Manik’s departure the skate scene felt like it was missing something, and even though there was some other folks making boards, Manik seemed to capture a niche of Seattle skateboarding that deserved to be supported. Enter Sausage, a lot of the same dudes are backing this venture, and when you have local skate artists like Todd Lown and Jesse Brown throwing their creativity into the mix the possibilities are endless. Plus they give Dirty Dan boards, and he’s got the best style ever; LEGIT


Pocket Pistols:

One part skateboard company, one part punk rock, Pocket Pistols is fast and raw. Their focus is complete tranny annihilation and with Pedro Barros as a full patched member they won’t be slowing down anytime soon. PPS was making retro shapes before retro shapes were all the rage, and that’s mostly because they never stopped supporting the OG punks like Duane Fucking Peters. The vision of The Master of Disaster doing a layback while the Brazilian wonder kid airs over him is every pool skater’s wet dream.


Send Help:

Being a Minnesota native I had to throw out some love for my folks doing their thing in the Midwest. Steve Nesser has been one of the most influential pros to ever come out of The Land of 10,000 lakes and for good reason; ol’ boy rips. Throw in the always amazing artwork of skate art icon Todd Bratrud and you have yourself a doozey of a company. These dudes hold it down for the skate rats back home that can only skate outside 6 months of the year, and have built a brand that is creative genius.


Amigos Skateboards:

Last but definitely not least is Seattle based Amigos Skateboards. Amigos is a rad concept, and even though many skateboard companies try to push the “we’re just a bunch of homies that skate together,” vibe; Amigos actually feels that way. They recently had a collaboration with Sub Pop for SP’s 25th Anniversary that was amazing, and renowned artist Russ Pope got down on a graphic this year. The raddest part about Amigos is that they aren’t afraid to push edits with a bunch of old rippers, which makes the skateboard geriatric side of me tingle with joy. A lot of the 35th/Northside guys ride for them and they are all fun dudes to skate with, one of the things I miss most about the Innerspace mini is watching Ken and Dan come tear it apart.


Glassed In, a surfboard show with Kelly Foote

We don’t usually have first Thursday events, but when we do they are epic. On August 1st Washington surfboard shaper Kelly Foote had his third annual show at the shop, and the vibe was all time.

Kelly not only hand crafted some amazing boards featuring custom art from local artists, but also foam squares that added a unique medium for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Foote’s boards are only getting better and we are chomping at the bit to surf some of the radical shapes he left for our crew.

If you missed this years show you are bumming, but with big plans for year four we predict this show aint slowing down anytime soon. All photos stolen from Frequency.

Kelly Foote’s Glassed In